Hello there and Im telling you the rules Of the Us armed Forces wikia.. If you curse more then 5 or 10 times may make your account Blocked from using comments Or other features Editing A page Or changing a page To nothing related to it Will result in a Ban/mute Forever or A day Any Icon Or names with Sexual violent Or Racist Athiest related Objects people Or Other Will Result In a forever ban Changing pictures will result In a Mute that lasts forever Making a page About yourself Or Non military related Will Result In a Forever mute And Removal of the Page Fanmade Or Not real Military Forces Are not allowed But will not result In a ban or mute But removal Of comment or page A page that was removed Will say [Page removed By Owner] Reason: (Insert text) If a admin is abusing Please show Proof Or report it to the Owner

American and POW*MIA flag flying
This site Is For People from the Following conturies: USA Virgin islands Guam puerto rico Wake Island And others..